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About Us
Our team has been producing groundbreaking videos and events for MNCs and government agencies since 2002. Since the great pandemic of 2020, we have pivoted to remote and hybrid videos and events, utilising today's technologies to enable us to continue our tradition of producing exciting experiences all around the world.
Select Your Event Set Up
At Your Office Location
At Your Office Location
At Your Office Location
At Your Office Location
Build a studio in your office from scratch and deliver your townhalls, AGMs and etc. from the comfort of your office.
Studio with LED
Studio with LED
Studio with LED
Studio with LED
Present your content in fully-equipped broadcast studio. It provides facilities which are far superior to the office environment. With cameras, LED wall, lights and audio systems in place – your event can be streamed to any platform you choose
Green Screen Studio
Green Screen Studio
Green Screen Studio
Green Screen Studio
Green Screen technology creates a user experience like no other and provides a completely immersive experience to take your audience into a world of imagination and creativity. Connect speakers from the most distanced places in the world and make them magically appear on the same stage, create jaw-dropping virtual designs or add exciting 3D effects to keep your audience hooked.
From the Comfort of Your Home
From the Comfort of Your Home
From the Comfort of Your Home
From the Comfort of Your Home
With travel restrictions put in place and staying home becoming the new norm, we offer our clients an option to host virtual events from anywhere in the world. Add interactive and gamification elements to your online experience to keep your audience engaged.
Our Services
Virtual Event

With the rapidly changing circumstances, organising an event has become even more of a challenge than before. Our team is here to advise you of the best possible options for you to stage your event. Tell us what you want to achieve, who your target audience is, and we will advise you the best ways of reaching out to them.

Video and Broadcast

With a complete inventory of equipment for livestreaming and broadcasting, you can count on the best possible results in audio and picture quality for your virtual event. We can even provide a hi-speed internet connection to your location if required!

  • Broadcast Cameras and lighting
  • Microphones and In-ear monitors
  • Monitors and Teleprompters
  • Video and PPT playback
  • Video switchers and mixers
  • Streaming encoders
  • One-way & two-way configurations
Design and Content Creation

From graphic design such as Key Visuals to Lower-Thirds, to Virtual Staging and Keynote Presentations, our team has the skills and experience of creating exciting visuals to enhance your event in every conceivable way. This is the key to standing out from every other video conference event!

  • Virtual sets, staging and environments
  • Keynote and presentation support
  • Key visuals and adaptations
  • Video inserts
  • Graphic inserts
Professional Crew

For all the cutting-edge technologies, equipment and software that we bring to your event, nothing ensures a smooth execution more than a team who knows what they’re doing.

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Camera operators
  • Media Manager
  • Media Playback Operator
  • Stream Manager
  • Video Switcher
  • Participant on-boarding management
  • Covid-safe Management
  • Stage Managers
Studio and Venue Curation

With the eruption of studios and venues-converting-to-studios, there is a growing number of options for consideration. Our team constantly analyses and curates the growing number of facilities available so that we can save you the time and trouble of figuring out the best option for you.

  • Hybrid Studios
  • LED cube studios
  • Greenscreen studios
  • LED wall studios
Safe Event Management

Our team is constantly up-to-speed with Safe event management, providing not only current regulations, but also devising movement and seating plans, submissions to authorities and even safe management crews and collaterals

  • Qualified Safe Management Officers
  • Event Entrance Thermometers
  • Q-poles and barriers
  • Floorplans and submissions
  • Provision of Sanitisers, gloves, masks etc
  • Submission of post event reports to authorities