Established in 2002, GroupX team has a combined experience of more than 40 YEARS with over 2,000 VIDEO/EVENT PRODUCTIONS. Comprising XXX Studios, Triplex Events and Xcom Asia, GroupX has established itself as one of the premiere design, video and event production agencies. We have produced thousands of videos worldwide in every conceivable genre and style, from tutorials to TV series, multiple- city filming to stay-at-home productions. Not only have we filmed around the world, we also have produced hundreds of events ranging from multi-day tech festivals to C-level executive events, from international business plan competitions to award ceremonies and others.

Our team includes in-house writers, video and event producers, directors, editors, designers and VFX specialists, and now also live-stream and broadcast specialists, enabling us to continue a tradition of producing projects all over the world, including the US, Europe and almost every country in Asia.

As the world continues to reel from the greatest pandemic of our time, we have quickly evolved from award-winning producers of live events into producers of virtual events. At Group X we are re-imagining virtual events in the NEW NORMAL, converging two of our core specialties – video production and live events to create BESPOKE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE for our clientele. Our portfolio of online events includes fireside chats and panel discussions, international broadcasts, Zoom webinars, online award ceremonies and even book-reading sessions among many others.

Meet the Team
Nicholas Lee
Founder and Executive Producer

Nicholas is the Founder and Executive Producer of Group X, managing all aspects of production across the diverse range of content created by the group. He has over 35 years of experience as a Director, Producer, Writer and Performer for hundreds of events, videos and mixed-media communication pieces produced for global clients and agencies. Prior to founding the company, he was in broadcast television, radio and special events in a variety of roles both in front of and behind the camera/stage.

Abigail Butalid

Abie is a media professional with extensive experience in the field of film, TV, arts and photography. She majored in Directing at the New York Film Academy, USA. Since joining the company in 2012, she has produced numerous projects ranging from Corporate comms, online marketing to TV series and live events for MNC clients. Prior to joining the company, she was involved with international projects in TV and Film, including the Hollywood Blockbuster “The Bourne Legacy”. With an international filmmaking background, and a genuine interest in storytelling, she makes sure her subjects, talents and clients always feel comfortable and confident on shoot.

In her free time, she likes to explore new foodie places and enjoy the outdoors for a swim, surf, hike, rock climbing, or a regular HIIT workout.

Aigul Jumabayeva

A Kazakhstan-native, Aigul joined Group X team as a business development manager and event producer. She has over 5+ years of extensive international experience, organizing events for top-tier financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and multiple government agencies. At Group X Aigul manages some of the company’s key accounts and produces hybrid and virtual events for clients, such as SMU, Singtel and others.

In her free time she enjoys planning karaoke parties for her friends and organizing unique experiential trips to hidden parts of the world!

Kenneth Lau

Geek at heart, Kenneth loves to explore possibilities of technology in new and unconventional ways. His vast experience in technical troubleshooting for system integration allows him to ensure that our digital and hybrid events run smoothly and without any technical interruptions.

Kenneth started off building PC systems for editing software. He later deployed solutions for large local F&B chains while maintaining, upgrading and securing backend and front-end infrastructure. ‘Making stuff work’ is his passion and mandate.

Ken enjoys mastering his photography skills, while also exploring hidden gems of Singapore.

Selicia Koh
Admin Manager

Selicia plays a pivotal role in making sure that our work runs smoothly, and that members of  the Group X team have a happy and productive environment to work in (as well as keeping everyone well in check!). Selicia welcomes new starters to the company, reassures that everyone gets paid on time and takes care of all the administrative parts of the projects.

In her free time, Selicia enjoys planning family activities with her husband and five kids.

Eugene So

Possessing a diverse skillset as a Former Product Manage and Technical Director for large E-Sports Events, Eugene’s knowledge and expertise adds to successful execution of any virtual and hybrid event. At Group X, Eugene can be found at the forefront of technological advances, integrating professional and consumer solutions to create high value propositions for our clients.

In his free time Eugene likes to play with the latest technology on the market and explore the ways it can benefit his work.

Nuryazid Ramli (Aril)

As a Head of Production at Group X, Aril brings over 10+  years of experience in the field. Since 2008, he has worked on numerous projects ranging from TV shows, corporate comms and TVC for clients such as SuperModelme, NBC Diva, Samsung and many more. Aril has been actively involved in production and post-production of some of our virtual and hybrid events, including Quadria Capital AGM 2020, Singtel’s live broadcasts and townhall livestreams among many others.

Outside of work Aril is a talented chef, whose goal is to become a winner of MasterChef one day.

Carlos Bautista

Carlos is a talented creative director and 3D animator. His super powers range from leading a team of motion designers, specializing in graphics and animation to firefighting emergencies like last minute project changes for creatives. Carlos’ 14 years of experience span from on-site events, TVCs, to advertising videos for renowned companies such as AXA, Bridgestone, Grab, Google, HP, UOB and many other.

At Group X, Carlos is often involved in post production stage, editing videos and creating jaw-dropping animations for our clients’ projects. His ultimate life goal is making ideas come to life and, based on his work,  he is doing it just right!

Louie Romano
Senior Graphic Designer

A true professional in his field, Louie brings over a decade of experience in graphic design, illustration and interactive design. Previously, he spent 13 years in Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working as a Senior Graphic Designer in wedding staging, exhibitions, and corporate events. As a graphic designer at Group X  he has taken on the projects for clients like Singapore Airlines, Singtel, AXA, SMU and HP among many others.

When he is not sketching on his MacBook, Louie loves spending time with his big Pilipino family. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee, watching good movies and TV shows.

Alexis A. Silverio
Graphic Designer

Alex started his career as a freelance artist where he practiced his talent in design, painting and portrait sketching. As technology progressed, he earnestly learned graphic design to produce printed designs on shirts, bags, among others. He then had an opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia as a graphic designer.

As an assistant graphic designer in Group X, Alex aims to not only provide great quality but to continuously improve and expand his knowledge in designing.

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Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology 2018
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Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology 2018
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Platinum Award -  Show Opening Segment
Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology 2017
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